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A Turnip Report™ is a cost-effective, public data, pre or post litigation asset analysis prepared for and utilized by attorneys to determine the feasibility of pursuing collection against the subject of the litigation.

When you file suit against a defendant to collect a debt or recover damages for injuries, do you do so blindly? Or do you know precisely what assets the defendant owns before you start? A Turnip Report is prepared specifically for attorneys and brings together public records of property ownership, court dockets, and other information about your subject in the State of Oregon, all at an affordable price. Don't take the chance of filing suit blindly. With a Turnip Report, you know the feasibility of pursuing the defendant before you file and you save your client money. We abide by all privacy and Federal rules and laws in preparing your Turnip Report.

Call Barbara Baughman, Oregon Licensed Investigator, to order your Turnip Report or for more information. She has over 40 years of asset and collection expertise to help you in this matter. Barbara is at the Hillsboro office of Free Lance Investigations & Process Serving.




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